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2D and 3D Animation

As a child, I would make animations on pads of sticky notes. My work has now evolved to digital rotoscoping and 3D animation. 

My vast software tool belt, my work includes motion graphics, rigging, lighting,  and 3D modeling.

Apps Used: Blender & Adobe Suite  including Premier Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.

Year: 2011 - Present

2D Animation /

Run With It

Run With It is a feature-length animated documentary, currently in production. The film tells the story of De’Jaun, a young black man on the Dean’s list, guided by the memory of his uncle Troy Davis who mentored him from death row. Davis was accused of killing a white police officer in one of the most controversial, racially charged cases to go before the courts. This is a story of role models, truth and false perceptions, told by a young man determined to succeed, in a world that seems weighted against him.

3D Animation /


Rtec-Instruments is a tribology and surface analysis instrumentation company that manufactures scientific analysis instruments.

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2D Animation /

Last Day of Freedom

The Oscar nominated animation documentary film is about Bill and his painful story of war veterans, PTSD, racism, the failures in the American criminal injustice system, family bonds and the death penalty.­

3D Animation /


Ontera, formally Two Pore guys, was developing innovative technology that combines solid-state nanopores with precision science

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