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Marketing Video Design/ 

Ontera - Two Pore Guys

Turned sophisticated CAD models and engineer ideas into informational 3D renderings and instructional videos. Head of marketing media for online presence, investor conferences, and promotional events. Collaborated with cross-functional team-members to create interactive product designs with 3D video. Co-designed website and produced 3D images, illustrations, and video.

2019 - 2012

As a design leader, I specialize in branding, design, and art direction.  With the help of my vast 2D/3D tool belt, my career has encompassed many forms of animation and design.  I love to take a blank canvas and watch ideas form.

Hey, I'm Teresa. I am a multi-disciplinary designer and artist.

Lead Marketing Video Designer / Rtec Instruments

Leading designer across all platforms including, print, web, video, and social media. Created brand and company identity while managing employees on its artistic use to reflect Rtec Instruments' image. Produced large, highly visible marketing collateral, advertising, and brand promotional materials, including Banners, Adverts, Posters, and Brochures. Animated and edited a vast collection of informational 3D videos in multiple formats to reach a large audience on different social channels. Designed and build a new website with SEO optimization that doubled web traffic.

2019 - Present

Key Animator - Illustrator /

Living Condition

Meticulously illustrate 2D animation frames as Lead illustrator for main characters and close up dialog. Illustrated speaking and emotional scenes of main character "Bill" for the Oscar nominated and Emmy winner Last Day of Freedom.  Animate 2D illustrations of key characters, environment scenes, and assets for the film Run With It.

2019 - 2012

Character Artist - Illustrator /

John Leaños Animation

Illustrated the director's visions by digitally depicting characters and their environments for the documentary animations Dead News Network and Frontera. Illustrator of characters and 2D animation assets in a variety of styles – both still and in motion.

2019 - 2012


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